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Who is the rebirther/breathworker?

There are techniques inspired to life and human conception where self consciousness has a vital role. They bud from the great Western and Eastern Traditions and have origin in the holistic vision of mind and body. These approaches are recognized as cooperator of wellness and psychophysical health useful for the prevention. A new figure of wellness operator is traced day by day and carries on an activity of health promotion and human resources development to create a natural changing and spiritual growth process.
In this contest, the figure of Rebirther Breathworker is well-insert thanks to his competences and talents.

The Rebirther Breathworker is an expert of breathing technique of Rebirthing and of the interpretation of pre and perinatal life effects on human behaviors.

The Rebirther Breathworker is also a prenatal educator.

The Rebirther Breathworker is a free lancer carrying on a promotion activity of health, human resources development, natural changing process and the self conscience growth using the breathe and the consciousness of prenatal experience.