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Antonio Valmaggia


  • Founder and chairman of the academy
  • Certificate moulder ARTI (Association of Rebirthers and Trainers International)
  • Responsible of the National Psychological and Prenatal education Association (ANPEP) in Varese office
  • Member of didactic committee of the holistic national school Conacreis and expert of some scientific magazine of the field.

Gino Soldera

Scientific director

Psychologist and psychotherapist, founder and chairman of ANPEP (National Psychological and Prenatal education Association)

Anna Zanardi

Psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in Systematic Communication in the Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto, scientific director of “Psychologies Magazine”, psychological and mode feminine monthl

Tiberio Faraci

Rebirther, Life coach and writer of many best sellers books about personal growth

What we offer

1. Professionally, ethic and experience strengthened in time;
2. Specialization in our field;
3. Training oriented on results, practice and pertinence;
4. Relations focused on human aspects of a relation;
5. Methodologies that point to the excellence;
6. Sessions and courses in limited number and selective learners to permit the change, the sharing and the deepening of the acquired experiences.