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What is rebirthing?

"Some others offer the outgoing breath to the incoming breath and the incoming breath to the outgoing breath; in this way checking the flow of both the incoming and outgoing breaths they arduously practice breath control. Others strictly reducing their food intake offer the senses into the life breath".

(Bhagavad Gita IV, 29))

This masterly verse of the Song of God, the most important Holy text of the Hindu scripture, says this old breathing technique, called in modern ages Rebirthing by Leonard Orr, in Sanskrit was called Pranapaganati and was known and followed by Hindu and Buddhist. The Pranapaganati passed from Master to follower through initiation and his primary goal was the Spiritual Rebirth of man.

Rebirthing means literally rebirth, like a change and a new discover of oneself; a chance to live again psychophysical and emotional experiences of birth and our pre- natal life.
Through the rebirthing work you can effect an out-and-out cognitive and emotional restructure of the pre and perinatal experiences. The method is based on a cognitive approach on Transpersonal psychology principles.
The structure offer the possibility to effect a positive change you wish working on oneself cognitive aspects, extended to the emotional ones, like:
  • mental representation
  • self consciousness
  • communication
  • motivation
  • conflicts overcoming
  • valuation ability
  • problem solving

Rebirthing acts in the field of what is objectivity verifiable and is also oriented in your superior lives, those you can reach only subjectivity, lives that escape from every scientific codification.
Rebirthing uses two techniques, a physical one and a mental one

Physical technique: breathe awareness

deep and softly breathing in circular and concious way in a comfortable and silent place, lay down and relaxed for a variable times from 30 to 60 minutes. your concious and no concious minds can communicate.
Anxiety dissolves, contact yourself and hide thought that limited your life.

Mental technique: thought concious

The reality you perceive has the meaning you decided to attach of it.
The begin of this meaning is in the interpretation of your experience, from birth till today.
Thanks to breathe, connected to the though consciousness techniques, became concious of perceptions and believes creating your life and including your internal world; you can change also your life