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courses and sessions have the goals of your wellness and your individual growth.
We offer to you techniques inspirited to life and human conceptions in which the conciousness of oneself has a fundamental role.
They born from the great Western and Eastern Traditions and have origin in the holistic vision of body and mind.
Our courses and our sessions reflect the specialization in our competence field and permit, thanks to breathe, a sweet and gradual approach on change and evolution.
They hold only a limited and sectioned number of people to promote the exchange, the sharing and the elaboration of the acquired experiences.
Courses and sessions, fruit of professionalism, ethic and our experiences consolidated in time, are oriented on goals and so are practical and experiential.
Our methods aspire to the excellence and our relation, during courses and sessions, are focussed on human aspects of relation.

Professional training course of rebirthing

Academic European year 2010

accepted like formative credit to join in the second year of the triennial school of counselling “oceano sintesi” and acquire the recognized title of counsellor.

- Where and when
- The program
- The goals
- Audience
- Who is the rebirther/breathworker?
- School address, teachers, tutors and advised books
- The registration, the admission, the diploma
- The entry fee