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European Rebirthing School

A programmed approach to change and development processes, using effective breathing technique, is necessary to reach our goals and wellness.
Breathe helps spontaneous recovery of much pathologies and relieve our potentiality dissolving the models that no permit the realization of our desires.

Breathe acts in the field of what is objectivity verifiable and also in our spirit worlds, those we can reach only subjectivity, a dimension above every scientific codification.

Many years of study and experience - personal and professional - in the field of the mental science and in the effects of pre and perinatal life on human behaviour, persuaded me about the exceptional potency of an age-old breathing technique, the pranapaganati, today called Rebirthing.

Rebirthing knowledge, experience and use is free-for-all and especially for:
  • who wants to study in depth his personal evolution in a life vision where Breathe is the essence
    and the metaphor of life;
  • who wants to obtain a natural self-recovery of body, psychophysical wellness and the mastery of emotions to use better our resources
  • who search the emotional equilibrium , the physical growth and the spiritual evolution to have an happy relation;
  • who wants to live free of “no conciousness programmed prenatal experience” (indicated for serenity of pregnant woman, future parents and effective to love and believe in oneself and in our child before his birth with a concious love, free of anxiety and insecurity)
  • who wants to orient himself on interior spirituality, growth and evolution;

Who wants to begin a professional activity in personal growth, health promotion and help relation fields.
Many people in the world have used with success some technique connected to rebirthing, like Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Gorbaciov....