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how is and how happen in a Rebirthing session?

You are lay down, relaxed, in a pleasure rest condition with incidental music.
Your breathing is circular, wide and concious.
Your breathing flux is sweet and deep, complete and continuous.
The inhaling is full, fast but relaxed.
The exhalation is spontaneous with natural wilting of the rib cage, without push out air or without attended it.
The continuous rhythm, sweet and without breaks and apnoea, is a deep and circular breathing movement.
Think on the rhythmic movement of the sea waves breaking on the beach.
You come into another dimension of yourself.
Energy runs in body, the conscience is widen, the unconscious is open and detecting mysteries and wonders on our deep feelings, all in an atmosphere of gradual release from stress, blocks and past conditioning.

How is the session and what is the method?

The first is a verbal and analytic part to became concious of your mental behaviour and understand and change your life perception in the light of your pre and perinatal experience;
the second part is a bio energetic of a conscious and aided breathing for the verbalization and the integration of the experience. The method is inspired to a cognitive approach and spiritual psychology principles.
The method used in individual sessions has a structure that permit a positive change in the person operating on oneself cognitive aspects and extended to emotional one, like:
  • mental representation
  • self consciousness
  • communication
  • motivation
  • conflicts overcoming
  • valuation ability/skill
  • problem solving

Sessions don't act positively only in the field of what is objectivity verifiable but are also oriented in your superior lives, those you can reach only subjectivity, lives that escape from every scientific codification.
These realities are collocated in the mystic and metaphysical areas.

What are the benefits?

A deep wellness state and psychophysical relaxation activated by endorphins flux.
Concious expansion, where refine your mnemonic, emotional and sense abilities.
The pleasure of no-thinking moments and the perception of a life without judgement; there is only the dimension “without time”, Here and now.
The integration program of the breathing cycle (30 – 60 minutes) is determined by your innate and unconscious skill to bring to light only the experience elements you can manage in tranquillity.

What are the contraindication of a rebirthing sessions?

Sessions are suitable for all.
The only contraindications concern people with psychosomatics problem addressed to psychotherapists and psychiatries.
Rebirthing asks the ability to elaborate the approach suggest in a concious way.
A well structured ego, anchored to reality, and a good quality of attention and memory are necessary to not show illusions or hallucinations.

Can pregnant women practice rebirthing?

Yes, rebirthing is useful to pregnant women, but is fundamental practice it before the birth of child.
After the integration of prenatal experience, the future mum can live his pregnancy and childbirth emotions avoiding the transfer of the anxiety inherited by the mother.

Can elderly people practice Rebirthing?

Surely, Rebirthing is very recommend although elderly people don't keep/a full, fluid and intense birthing; their obstacle is represented by themselves perceptions as people without the vitality necessary to do it.
The vital birthing ability to obtain the desired goals is sufficient in every elderly man.
Elderly people have a major enthusiasm to face the cognitive and energetic course suggested by rebirthing. Bring themselves into the play represent a motivating force to find an unsuspecting vital drive.

How is rebirthing in water?

Rebirthing in water is effectuated totally immerse and birthing with a mouth piece and a noise pincer while I support and assist you.

What are the benefits of water rebirthing?

The benefits of water rebirthing are 4:
  • major conscience expansion thanks to the sense isolation.
  • Emotions tied to the memories of your life and of birth: heat, a feeling of float and oceanic peace like in the amniotic fluid.
  • Excellent concentration on your breathing thanks to the impossibility to communicate.
  • Greater emotional activation and deep relaxation.

Pre e perinatal psychology

the origin of the development psychical and physical of human.
A no integrated past condition your whole life; if concerns essential events like your pre e perinatal experience, will influence your perception of life.
Rebirthing permit to live again, in a psychological level, the memories of experiences with the elaboration and integration of it.

Elaborating this experience with a direct bio energetic, emotional and spiritual experience of breathing, you can find your deep roots and change your life.
You will can:
  • listen your child or interior unborn child
  • listen and let free the primary energies of your life
  • explore your individual history roots
  • wide your communication and contact skills
  • surpass traumas, resolve blocks, heal hurt, integrate the experiences
  • see yourself and other people with a more deep comprehension, trust and acceptance
  • cure yourself from anxiety and psychosomatic problems.