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Who is the rebirther/breathworker?

Board of education: Antonio Valmaggia, certificated teacher of A.R.T.I. (Association of Rebirthers and Trainers International) the teacher training center in Atlanta USA, is director and teacher of the course and he will be present in the whole course, ensuring a teaching quality, supervision and personal support.

Scientific direction: Gino Soldera psychologist and psychotherapist, founder and chairman of ANPEP (National Psychological and Prenatal education Association), teacher of the course

Other teachers: Anna Zanardi, psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in Systematic Communication in the Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto. Laura Benini, midwife.

The training make use of the assistance of an Italian – Swiss team of professional Rebirther – Breathworkes with the extraordinary participation of Tiberio Faraci, rebirther and writer of the bestsellers “Fall in love with yourself”.

Tutors help the learning and the evolutionary process operating on:
  • Organizational plain: allowing the leaning conditions, spaces, times and materials.
  • Education plain: collaborating with Teachers for education and examinations
  • Relational plain: facilitating the communication between yourself and the other participants and the teachers

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