Rebirthing Psicologia Prenatale Leonard Orr Fondatore del rebirthing Corso di rebirthing in acqua Gruppo di persone scuola di rebirthing GEuropean Rebirthing School: alcuni partecipanti


This course is for many people, but not for all: it is oriented on a sectioned number of people very determinate among which:

1. who wish increase your psychophysical wellness and deepen his evolution in a life vision when the breathe and the consciousness of your prenatal experience are essence and metaphor of life.

2. who wish attempt a professional activity in the field of individual growth, health promotion and help relation.

The course is useful as integration to the approach of:

  • medicals
  • psychotherapists
  • obstetrics
  • teachers
  • nurses
  • counselors
  • holistic operators
and of Medical Centers and consulting rooms where there are childbirth preparation courses and familiar counseling.