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The goals

Training goals are two:

1) your wellness and your personal growth to:

understand how prenatal behavior influence your life
realize the uniqueness of the life project you are carrier of
harmonize the interpersonal relations minding the strength points and the weak areas
listen to one's child or future child
see your personal history roots to let free primary energies of life
feel the growth of your interior sensibility and the acceptation of yourself and other people
win traumas and blocks healing hurts and integrating experiences
recovery psychosomatic problems
internalize behavioral models to reach success and happiness leaving the wrong models
change grudge in forgiveness and pain in serenity and peace.

2) your professional training as Rebirther Breathworker to:

offer a new key to read oneself and life through breathe
support people in the solution of psychological and psychosomatic problems finding their prenatal experience origin.