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The registration, the admission, the diploma

To guarantee the quality of the course, also with a personal and focused work, is reserved at a selected number of people.

To be registered and admit is necessary:
  • Send the registration certificate filled and signed. click here
  • Send the test filled and signed click here
  • Present a request equipped by: a. curriculum vitae b. the reasons for what you wish participate to the course
  • Send an deposit of 10% to guarantee the reservation

The selection take the curriculum into account and in an individual conversation I'll listen your personal story and will value, with you, your motivations and your suitability to participate to the course. To the registration request coming from abroad or from people that, living in Italy, are geographically far from the course place, it's possible make a telephonic conversation: tel +390332743772

The diploma and the 4 conditions to have it

1. thesis defense
2. suitability after 9 supervision sessions of Professional Rebirthing, made out of the weekend sessions, one for month for nine month (sessions have a cost apart from them)
3. frequency of 90%
4. total payment of the entry fee and of the Professional Rebirthing sessions